Meet the Team

Niamat Singh

Co Founder

  • Listening to Brockhampton, Petit Biscuit, Eminem, Kerala Dust, Burna Boy, Chet Faker & Metallica.. always
  • Reading Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo
  • Watching We Crashed
  • Inspired by Man’s search for meaning, Viktor Frankl

Fateh Singh

Co Founder

  • Listening to City of God & The Notorious B.I.G.
  • Reading Troy by Stephen Fry
  • Watching Entourage (Rewatching)
  • Inspired By Rajneesh aka Django @ Knox

Eric Brave

Community Manager

  • Listening to Alabama, Eagles, John Denver, Billy Joel & many more.
  • Reading I am reading The Power of Now from Eckhart Tolle. It is probably the most powerful book I’ve ever read, and it changed the way in which I see the world and my position in it.
  • Watching Im drawn to any media that teaches me about history. YouTube videos, podcasts, books, articles, you name it. It all fascinates me.
  • Inspired By The meaning is simple, what you think you become. The choice is yours. If you think you are an inspiration to yourself then you are

Nitin Kumar

Facility Manager

  • Listening to I love listening to Hip hop & old school retro- it isn’t only about the music as the lyrics add value for me as well.
  • Reading I won’t lie, I am not much of a reader. I would have hardly read a couple of books and might have finished a few. Having said that, the new Library at The Biv has inspired me to read more!
  • Watching I watch a lot of animated shows- not very mature but I love it! I also love Christopher Nolan and all his films.
  • Inspired By My own life experiences!