March 22, 2022 /

Heartbreak Issue Horoscope

Written by Meher Varma

Capricorn: You may be feeling happy in a solitary state, but be careful not to overdose on me-time. You could lose touch with the people who really matter.

Aries: Want what you can’t have? This is a pattern, dear Aries, but it’s time to see its limits.

Leo: One of the hardest life lessons for a lion in love, is that to make things work, you need to share the limelight.

Taurus: Your partners or future partners have always loved you for your honesty, but sometimes you forget to balance this with appreciation.

Gemini: Feeling like you have a tough heart decision to make? Contrary to popular belief, talking to people may not help this time.

Aquarius: even though the cliché ‘love yourself in order to love someone else’ puts us to sleep too, this is what you need to be reminded of at this point.

Pisces: The best things to deal with pain are salt, seawater, and tears. If you’ve got a fresh wound to heal, or an old one that’s buried, embrace the holy trifecta.

Virgo: While you may be working on yourself and your relationship, you might be being a little too critical of yourself and others. A reminder to step back and realize that perfection is a moving target.

Cancer: Are you holding something in your heart about a friendship? It may be hard to confront the person concerned, but perhaps this month, begin by writing your thoughts out with good old pen and paper.

Sagittarius: right now the focus of your heart should be family. Doesn’t have to be the people you see the most, but think about a cousin you may have been neglecting for a while, or your doggo that may need a little extra love.

Libra: Balance is your thing of course, but this season, you may need something to tip you over the edge one way or the other, to move forward with a decision.

Scorpio: your response to a feeling of jealousy – something you feel now and then – is to sting. But can we convince you to hold off? Even venom, it turns out, is not an endless resource.